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A developer intro to sandboxed solutions

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Business users, power users, information workers, and developers – they all want to deploy their solution easily and quickly to their sites in SharePoint without the burden of asking and waiting for the IT departments. On the other side, the IT folks want to sleep well at night and avoid phone calls at 5AM because some new component made the company portal to crash. Sandboxed solutions are here to address this conflict, to be easily installed by site collection owner and to run under restrictive model which minimizes the risk of creating damage. That’s also why sandboxed solutions are the only way to deploy code into SharePoint in the cloud (SharePoint online, Office 365). This article outlines the core principles, capabilities and limitations of sandboxed solutions that a SharePoint developer should know.

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Written by Yoni Goldberg

June 13, 2011 at 6:27 pm